Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it that time of the month already??

As if most didn't know, it's that time of February when you start to see little girls, in uniforms, in front of stores hawking their cookies!! Lot's of little boxes of sugary goodness.

Just yesterday I was at the Albany Safeway and there was a table set up. After shopping inside the store, I ended up shopping outside the store as well. Walked away with three different flavors – Thin Mints®, Samoas® and Do-Si-Dos®. Took me a while to decide on the last one. They have two peanut butter flavor ones, and I wasn't sure which one to get. The Tagalongs are dipped in chocolate too!

Probably spent as much outside the store as I did inside the store. (Cost per box $4.00).

If you're in a search to solve your cookie fix, check out Girl Scout Cookie Page where you can search by zip code.

Not good enough for you? There are Android and iPhone apps which will tell you where the closest stand is to your current location, based on help from your device's GPS.

Sales go on through mid-to-late March here in the San Francisco Bay Area, with eleven different flavors to choose from (according to their website) so I'm sure there's something for everyone's sweet tooth.

* * *

I have one caveat. Buy the cookies from a stand with Girl Scouts doing the selling. It doesn't teach the girls anything if they're not there and Mommy is the only one selling. The mothers at the stand tells the girls that I am "their" customer, and the girls are the ones that figure out how much I owe, and how much change there is. They're learning basic commerce skills at a very young age.

At one place I worked at there were three mothers who had daughters in the Girl Scouts. If you bought from one, then the other two were angry at you for not supporting their daughter's sales. Funny thing is you never saw their daughters once in the office selling them. Almost got to the point where management had to declare the office a "no cookie zone."

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