Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday morning commercial quarterbacking

Get the particulars out of the way. That had to be one of the most boring Super Bowls I've ever watched. For sure in a long time. For party food I had onion dip, blue corn chips, salami, cheese and to wash it down Russian River Pliny the Elder IPA. Good stuff.

Now how about the really important stuff from yesterday….the commercials!! (comments below are from first impression notes I made while watching the Super Bowl)

If you missed any, or just want to relive what I was talking about, you can do so at They also have an archive of previous seasons as well. Has it really been over 12 years since we were introduced to Subway's Jared?

*  *  *

Hyundai "Rocky" commercial – UGH! Sure hope they didn't pay full price for that one. Wouldn't been cuter if they had stuck Sylvester Stallone or Burt Young in there somehow. But that would've taken the commercial in a different direction.

Budweiser platinum – The commercial was over even before I realized what it was and it did nothing for me. WHY do I want it?

Audi Vampire commercial – Pretty funny, but I wasn't completely sure where they were going till the end when they mentioned Daylight. That's going to be wasted on a lot of people who have no idea about color temperature of different types of light.

Pepsi King -  Ehh, yet another Pepsi is the people's drink commercial. I drink Pepsi and this did nothing for me. BTW: Who was the woman, BeyoncĂ©?

Hyundai Cheetah – OK. So I get your car is fast. Such a short commercial I didn't see much of the car. Not sure why I'd want to buy it. Better than the Rocky commercial.

bud light feeling good – eh. Another strange commercial for Platinum that totally absolutely nothing about the beer.

M&M Naked – Made me chuckle, and I had the first reaction everyone else seemed to. Are they making M&M's without a shell now? They have had brown before. Haven't they? It's not like it's a new color.

Best Buy  We Create – Are they saying they're just as important as people like Ray Kurtsweil and Phillipe Kahn? You're a retail store for Christ's sake!!!

Coke Polar bear 1 - Getting long in the tooth IMHO. The graphics didn't even look as crisp as they have in the past.

Mayan Apocalypse – Going to make me run out and get one…NOT. Love the Twinkies reference. Not sure Hostess should.

missed something here !!!

GoDaddy – Body paint. I'm getting REALLY tired of GoDaddy showing us some skin ad, and then telling us to go to their website to see "more." Trust me, I've went to their website and really haven't seen anything like what they were hinting at. If you want me to go to your website how about give me a coupon that I have to use?

Lexus change – teaser.

Battleship movie – All right. The movie commercials finally make their appearance. Kept me interested through the whole thing. Thought maybe it was a sequel to Independence Day.  Hopefully, it's not a dog like Battle: Los Angeles apparently was last year.

Bud Prohibition commercial – Glad to see the Clydesdales are back. I though I'd heard they had been banished to the barn.

Doritos – Cute, but not nearly as good as last year's Doritos pug commercial.

Chevy stolen car – They actually started airing last week. Love the ending where the guy drives away in the car. One of the better ones so far.

GE turbines – Pretty boring till they said beer!

John Carter movie – Been airing this for some time now. Looks good. Looks like Star Wars'' pod racing graphics to me.

TaxAct – kind of nasty, but kept me watching. That famous fountain in Europe recently FROZE due to the bad weather.

VW double commercial – A commercial within a commercial? Been done before, but I still liked it. Wonder if that's the same dude who got wacked in the Star Wars cantina way back in the 1970s. Sure looks like him.

Howard Stern – American's got talent. Thanks for the warning. One more reason not to watch the show, as if I needed another.

Bodywear Bechkam – OK ladies a little eye candy for you amongst all the cheese cake. Man, that guys has a LOT of tattoos.

Coke polar bear 2 – They had several cases. Why were they worried about one bottle?

Chevy Sonic – Why show us stunts that are obviously done with a non-stock car and tell us not to try them? First music video? Is that supposed to impress me?

Star Wars saga 3D – YES!! So it's obviously not a 3D commercial, but it still sent chills down my spine. Been seeing commercials for this for a couple of weeks now, but they only made it sound like it was just Phantom Menace. This commercial alluded to all six films being done in 3D. Just make sure you don't eat a heavy lunch before going. Some of those battle scenes might make you queasy on a full stomach.

Marvel Universe – Putting all their eggs in one basket.

Teleflora – Plays on your imagination. Could be really interesting depending on how warped you are, and nobody else has to see it.

Mr. Quigley – Awesome job Sketchers! When he stopped before the finish line I was thinking of Yusen Bolt, only to have him Moonwalk across the line.

X-box – Was this a commercial or a Public Service Announcement? – How could they possibly afford the $2million for that spot? If they go the way of, after their Super Bowl commercial, it won't surprise me at all.

Doritos nag – Creative, funny

eTrade nursery – Not sure why,  I actually pay attention to the eTrade baby commercials. Not going to make me buy their services, but I watch.

GI Joe – Could've sworn I saw Electra in there somewhere. Is there a crossover for us? Judging from these commercials looks like this is going to be a season of nothing but explosions, special effects and fighting.


Party like a millionaire – NFL fantasy. Why is the NFL spending $2m on an add where they give away  $1m? You've already got me watching? Hope they didn't have to pay for that.

Citibank breakfast – Been airing this one already. Not a Citibank customer, and not likely to switch just to just my cell phone to send money.

Xfinity fast house – Creative commercial. Monster truck houses are rad.

Roundtable 3 pep pizza – Lots of pretty pizza shots.

beverages – smaller sizes, labels, options Who ran this?

Citibank yard work – Better than the breakfast commercial, but still didn't do anything for me.

Camry effect

Hulu – Continuing on a great campaign from previous years. Wish Alec Baldwin was still here.

Bridgestone/Bud light -  Huh?

Leno – Nice intro to Madonna. Talk about awkward for someone in Leno's shoes.

Wasn't planning to watch Madonna, but the whole Trojan/Greek think hooked me big time. Loved the dancing covers of Vogue on the field. And as for the Lip-sync, or no lip-sync debate? I say LIPSYNC!!

The Voice – Jakey started barking as soon as Christina started singing. What does that say? I love you Betty White. We should all be active like you when we're that age.

Detroit – Eastwood. Almost sounded like a freaky' political commercial at the beginning, but I'm still not sure WHAT they were advertising had they not had a Dodge logo at the end.

3rd Quarter

NBC – Smash nothing new. Been airing this for awhile now

Fiat 500 – I got to brush up on my Italian!! Grin!!

Pepsi by Cola – I feel so sorry for the Coke guy. He's always being caught drinking the other guy's drink.

Camry Invention – Pretty cool.

Coke Polar Bear 3 – Someone needs to explain that one to me.

Oikos yogurt – Now who hasn't wanted to head butt john Staimos.

Century 21 – Eh, Move along. Nothing to see here.

Seinfeld Acura – Damn you Lenoooo! Ha-Ha!

GE fridge – Another building America type of commercial Just not understanding this campaign.

Bud Prohibition – The rap music to totally out of place in this one. Advertising that they've been with us since prohibition.

Bridgestone – basketball  better than the football one, I guess.

4th Quarter

NFL – Canton ad. Another self serving NFL I just see as a waste.

EBAY Blue Jeans – Retread. Nothing special

Jack in the Box: Marrying bacon – Nice hook. I'm getting married, but it's not a woman. Heh!? Someone is going to complain I bet.

Ferris Buehler – Oh yeah!! For those that remember Ferris, this is awesome. For those that don't they're scratching their head.

Act of Valor movie – With real life soldiers. Oh Boy. Haven't we seen enough shots of real life soldiers already?

Cartoon MetLife – This was pretty neat. Speaks to everyone with all the different characters.

Smash – Ehhh. Odd NBC series that is a one year wonder.

Hyundai – heart attack. Cute I suppose.

Budweiser – adopted dog – What an ugly mutt. But sure was funny. Like the tie in at the end for helping rescue dogs. Wonder if Wigo was a real rescue dog. Sure talented if he was.

Motley Crue – What a hodge podge dream sequence

Monkeys – a retreat of an old idea. snooze.

Samsung Galaxy – Take that iPhone!! But a stylus? You really get excited over that? First thing I did with mine was throw it in a drawer.

Cadillac ATX – Green Hell. Oh, I'm impressed. eh.

GoDaddy cloud – Another taunting to go there.

Awake – This looks like an interesting series. Which is the real reality? What a quandary to have.

NBC Sports –

Carl's Junior – Miss Turkey Funny, cause I bet they couldn't air that in Turkey. Been aired for quite some time.

Chevy Sonic instruments – This is really really stupid!!

Act of Valor  2 – Really hyping that real soldier tie in

GEICO pig – This guy is awesome!!!

Chevy Sonic bugs – Why did they wait to air this after the game when people may have turned off? Hands down beat the two other Sonic commercials with lots of time to spare.

* * *

My three personal favorites were:

1 – VW "Dog training/Star Wars Cantina"

2 – Sketchers "Mr. Quiggly"

3 – Honda "Ferris Bueller"

H/M – Xfinity Race Houses, Budweiser Rescue Dog and Audi "Vampire Party

Sorry for the rambling length here. Tomorrow will return to the normal format.

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