Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012


…also known to some as, "Just another day."

This won't be one of those smarmy oopsy woopsy smooshy Valentine's Day blogs. No, it's going to be one of those other ones.

I always find it ironic that people will tell single people "It's OK to be single. Don't go looking." And it seems like that's particularly magnified on one particular day of the year. Guess which one? But, the biggest annoying thing about that is that it usually seems to come from people that are married or in a relationship already. Sorry to insult anyone but do they realize how goofy that sounds, especially the former?

Today is also the day when single people notice the hand holding, the extra close hugging, as well as other forms of public affection, more than normal. NO, we don't go looking for it. It's just splashed in our faces at every turn, lest we decide to hibernate, or lock ourselves away in our house for 24 hours.

Then there are those that are single who laugh about it, but had any number of Valentine's Day offers come their way, but they were so picky they they ended up on the couch eating a quart of Hagen-Dazs, and saying to themselves, "Oh, there's always next year."

And last, but not least, there are those that call it Singles Awareness Day. Can you think of any better way to stick a big spotlight over your head than, perhaps, eating at a table all by yourself today? (Actually, experienced something similar. I bought tickets to a Garth Brooks' concert back in the 1990s. When I got to the old Arco Arena I couldn't seem to find my seat. I asked the usher and she, rather loudly, says, "I sure hope you're here alone!!" and then points to this one seat tucked away all by itself by the stairs).

And of course, this week seems to be the one where you're bombarded on television with pathetic commercials for jewelers, flowers, and commercials that suggest to a guy that all they have to do is buy a certain product, or drink a certain beer, and women will be falling all over them for the picking.(OK, so I'll admit I DO find the latest commercial for Axe Anarchy deodorant hilarious, especially the women's basketball team that climbs out of the bus that's laying on its side, only to saunter up to the nearest men and give them that "come hither" glazed look.).

Now, please don't think I'm bitter, or begrudge anyone having a Happy Valentine's Day, it's just that having never experienced one of them, makes it a drag every time it comes around. I can only imagine how much more magnified that feeling is for women, since society seems to think it's the male whose responsibility it is to take the lead, and that if she's not asked there must be something wrong with her.

So I hope that all my friends, who are lucky to have someone to share today with, have a wonderful Valentine's Day with whatever they're planning. Me? There's a local brewpub that's going to have Alesmith My Bloody Valentine, or Stone's Bitter Valentine, a bitter and chili chocolate pairing on tap. Though I might just spend some time with my little 365 day a year valentine Sally, the Jack Russell, who sits next to me, through thick and thin. We'll try and find something that's not one of those cutesy films that seem to air today, about some gorgeous girl that's looking for, but can't seem to find, Mr. Right, or the right relationship.

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